Project Managment Skills

Training and Coaching

In the last 20 years, the importance of project management has increased drastically. Projects have developed into a completely natural tool. Hardly anyone has never been involved with projects. It's not just people with the job title project manager, many people are also faced with the challenge of managing projects spontaneously and in addition to the actual task.

Training for Project Managers

Without methods you are lost as a project manager. But method competence alone is not enough!

milestone offers you a focused serviceMethods of project Management on the leadership challenges of project managers. This can be individual training, workshops, intervision offers, or comprehensive learning architectures with different learning opportunities.

Leadership in Projects

Project management is a management task. Whatever the buzzwords at the moment are "leadership as a service," "lateral leadership" or "servant leadership", for project managers, leadership without authority to issue instructions is a clear challenge. Leadership in projects is always permanent negotiation and communication.

  • Leading project teams
  • Team dynamics and team development
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management

Stakeholder Enagagement

No project takes place in a vacuum, there are interfaces, interactions, tailwinds and headwinds. Stakeholders hidden behind thick curtains often decide more about the success of the project than the achievement of the substantive goals. We convey and develop methods and strategies to identify and involve the key stakeholders.

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Project Kommunication
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Understanding complexe Organizations

Projects always have to do with one or more organizations in which the individual projects are anchored. Just think of the classic - the tension of project and line. In order to be able to act, project managers need knowledge of how complex organizations work.

  • Structure, culture and working methods of organizations
  • Making use of the specifics of my organization
  • Change Management

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