Leadership in Projects

Leadership . Team . Stakeholder

There exist many very detailled catalogues of competencies for project managers. Let us reduce them to four essential areas of competence, this will give us a better orientation for practical use:  Methodical Competence, Leadership-Competence and - related to this but essential for project managers - Team-Competence and Stakeholder-Competence

In the area of methodical competence milestone's focus is on PRINCE2 ans SCRUM, but there is more than methods to make a project successful.

Professional Development of Project Managers

milestone offers focused services dealing with the challenges of leadership in projects. The formats for this can be trainings, workshops, intervision settings, or comprehensive learning architectures with different kinds of learning arrangements. In the center there are three main topics:

Leadership in Projects

Management of Projects is practical Leadership. However the current keywords might sound "Leadershp as a Service", "Lateral Leadership" or "Servant Leadership", leading without direct right of command is always a challenge for project managers. Leadership in projects is mainly a contious flow of negotiations and communications. milestone goes along with project managers adapting to this leadership role by offering trainings and workshops.

Team Dynamics and Team Building

It is the essence of projects to form a team of people with different competence and background in order to answer to complexe problems and achieve specific goals. Heterogeneous teams can be powerful but they follow their own logic, steps in development, they have specific strenght and needs. milestone offers services to look through the dynamics, to develop means for team building, and enhance the individual's capacity in leading tems.

Organization- and Stakeholder-Management

No project really is a stand-alone. There is always the organization as the project's environment. There are interfaces to maintain, interactions to manage, there is tailwind and there is headwind. To a high percentage the power of hidden stakeholders influence the project's success more than well acomplished tasks. milesone teaches methods and strategies to identify and involve the relevant stakeholders at the right time.