Management Consulting

Management Consulting . Backing Projects . Coaching

The world is changing. And so do your clients, your supplyers and your environment. Does it still fit, how your organisation is conducting projects, how project management is set up, and how your projects are aligned with the organisation's strategy? Maybe it is time to refine the approaches.

Management Consulting

With a strong background in both, project management and organisation development, milestone counsels and advises organisational change. As a theoretical framework milestone values the concept of Organization Design, suitable and productive for strategic changes as well as for small and focused adaptions. Together with you, milestone develops the change approach and defines the organisational level with the best leverage effect of the measures.

In most of the cases changes on a structural and process level of the organisation are best supported by accompanying measures of Coaching and Learning on the levels of project teams and project managers.

Backing Projects

Not only in times of organisational change project teams need support and advice. milestone offers accompanying consulting for project teams to manage the challenges of starting projects, closing projects and to master new and critical phases.


milestone offers coaching for project managers. Especially in innovative projects, in complex environments and in critical situations the point of view and the support of an external expert is very productive. This can create additional opportunities for learning and foster the creation of unexpected solutions.