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Scrumframe - That's how PRINCE2 and Scrum become a dream team. Part 2: How the combinet framework will work

I showed in the first part of the article why Scrum needs a frame aund why PRINCE2 fits best for it. Now in the second and final part I am showing how to blend the two approaches by dsicussing all of the seven themes of Prince2. The use of Scrumframe is developped by using a real project scenario.

In: Projektmagazin 24.03.2021,

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Scrumframe - That's how PRINCE2 and Scrum become a dream team. Part 1: There are good reasons to combine PRINCE2 and Scrum.

When developing new product you want to profit from the dynamics of Scrum and integrate it to your organization? SCRUMFRAME sets the frame for Scrum using the concepts of PRINCE2. You gain transparency and controllability for the organization as well as head space for the Scrum teams.

In: Projektmagazin, 10.03.2021,

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That's why PRINCE2 and SCRUM can be combined.

When introducing the new version of PRINCE2 we were told that PRINCE2 cares much more about agile approaches. There are even voices within the community saying that PRINCE2 had been agile for ever since. Let us take a closer look.

In: Projektmagazin, 22.11.2019, (german)

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What's new with the new PRINCE2?

This article gives a summary of the changes in the methodology between PRINCE2 2009 and PRINCE2 2017 UPDATE as well as the changes in the manual. This article also highlights the exerience of two years practice with the new certification exams.

In: ProjektMagazin, 21.6.2019, (german)

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What Project Managers will learn from Poiliticians

Six steps to integrate your Stakeholders.

In: ProjektMagazin, 3.5.2019, (german)

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PRINCE2 with SCRUM – or – SCRUM with PRINCE2

Beispiele aus der realen SCRUM Praxis zeigen, daß Organisationen häufig parallel zum Scrum Team eine klassische Projektstruktur mit einem Projektmanager und den üblichen Planungen und Reportings aufbauen - so entstehen aufwändige Parallelstrukturen. Die Integration von SCRUM mit PRINCE2 hingegen ist wegen der Verbesserung der Steuerbarkeit in einer Organisation außerordentlich lohnend, unter der Bedingung, daß man auf die kulturellen Aspekte von Scrum Acht gibt.

Hans-Peter Ritt, Stefan Jäger: PRINCE2 with SCRUM – or – SCRUM with PRINCE2 In: Platform for Agile Management. 11. May 2013