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Steuerbare Kraft: Die Integration von PRINCE2 und SCRUM

Scrum has enormous potential – something that has been proven in countless development projects even beyond the field of IT. Scrum can make the most out of a team’s strengths and can therefore achieve a level of performance that is not usual in classic projects. This particular concentration on the team, however, has its drawbacks. The relationship to the organisation, represented by the ‘unpopular’ management, is to a large extent unaccounted for, but in all honestly that doesn’t really concern Scrum. So Scrum needs to be embedded.

Hans-Peter Ritt, Stefan Jäger: Steuerbare Kraft: Die Integration von Prince2 und Scrum. In: Computerwelt, 12. Juli 2013

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Fit for Purpose

Examples from real SCRUM practice show that organizations often set up a classic project structure with a project manager and the usual planning and reporting parallel to the Scrum team - this is how complex parallel structures are created. The integration of SCRUM with PRINCE2, on the other hand, is extremely worthwhile because of the improvement in controllability in an organization, provided that one is aware of the cultural aspects of Scrum.