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linking up to digital media

Since 1997 we focus on the Digital Economy as the centre of our activities. We experienced the power of innovation, the hype, the disillusion and the consolidation that this part of the economy was going through. Therefore, we shape and develop the Digital Economy by working on the cutting edge of supply and demand, private and public institutions, as well as national and international developments.


With this background of experience and contacts milestone management is the qualified partner for your enterprises, be it as a service provider, project partner or promoter:

  • design and management of platforms and networks
  • design and management of programmes and projects
  • consultancy on policies
  • studies and publications


Amongst other activities we were manager of the platform "multimedia business austria", publisher of the 'Multimedia Reader', we were responsible for the project management of the Central European platform 'Preparing for eContentplus', and within the scope of several EU projects we collaborate for the development of ICT in Europe. You can find more examples at projects.


Among our national and international clients are ministries, federations and EU institutions as well as initiatives, cluster and companies from the digital media sector. An overview can be found at Clients & Partner.

milestone . media

Qualification profiles for jobs in Ambient Assisted Living

CompAAL will develop AAL job profiles based on the sectoral market needs identified at
European level. On the basis of these profiles, training guidelines will be elaborated,
supporting VET institutions to set-up appropriate measures to meet these requirements.… [more]